Allergy Caused by Perfumes

Published: 21st September 2011
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Have you ever felt a prickling sensation on your skin after applying perfume on it? Cheap and low quality perfumes can cause serious problems especially when you have a sensitive skin and can lead to unwanted body reactions. Such kind of unwanted reactions caused due to perfumes is what is referred to as perfume allergy. Some perfumes are rich source of chemicals and when applied on the body without proper checking can alter the immunity of your skin. These chemical reactions under your skin can tend to be harmful and can give you a pretty hard time.

Allergy is described as a hypersensitive reaction initiated by the human immune system against certain type of chemicals or allergens. This allergic condition can happen to anyone at any time. Perfume allergy is caused by any product that contains fragrance in it and can cause hypersensitive reactions. Every individual has different genetic structure. Some can have adverse reaction when they are subjected to some chemicals on their skin, but for some there might be no reaction at all on their skin.

Perfume allergies are of different kinds. The reaction may arise due to the ingredients of the perfume. Some low quality perfumes tend to use harsh chemicals which can cause serious and wild reactions on your skin. Allergies arising at particular seasons are the next kind, mainly in the hot summer season when the sweat produced reacts with the perfume and causes rashes on your skin. If you have a hypersensitive skin, then visit to a doctor becomes mandatory. For some people applying a new perfume might give some irritation for the first time, but when applying it later the skin does not initiate any adverse reaction and behaves normally.

So what could be the remedy for such types of perfume allergies? The first one is to use quality and branded perfumes like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari etc. All major brands and its counterfeits are available in the market. Make sure you grab only the best fragrance which suits your skin too. Check for perfume ingredients which caused a negative reaction in you earlier and try avoiding those types. Applying perfumes on body which are meant to be worn on clothes can be the worst thing to do. Deciding on perfumes with lower concentration can help a lot if your skin is hyper sensitive. Always consult a doctor specialized in dermatology if the allergy grows beyond your control. Never opt for self-treatment as it can lead you ending in more difficult condition.

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